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How To Become Fat In One Week: 10 Best Ways

Gaining weight in a week is not difficult. You’ll need to understand how to become fat in one week. Once you understand, you will be able to achieve the goals.

When it comes to the question of how to become fat in one week, the same dedication that is given to weight loss should be accorded to weight gain. It is very possible to gain more fat in a week and transform your overall look.

All it takes is effort and dedication to achieve the desired results in that period. In addition to that, proper nutrition should also be considered before embarking on the weight gain journey. In order to gain additional weight, more calories need to be put in your foods than you burn, which helps the body in storing more fat. Below we are going to discuss how to become fat in one week precisely.

Top 10 Proven Tips On How To Get Fat In One Week

As strange as it may sound, fat people, struggle to lose weight while underweight people struggle to gain body mass. There are many ways that different people have put across that are safe and effective for gaining weight in a week. Some of the ways to become fat in a week include the following;

1. How To Get Fat: Eat Often

Do not starve yourself and wait for the next meal so that you can eat well, rather, underweight people should make it a habit of eating often to speed up the process of gaining weight in a week.

Eating regularly helps in adding more calories to the body, and calories are important in fat gain. Foods should also be chosen carefully and people should avoid taking foods that make them feel stuffed because the chances of them failing to hit their targets are high.

2. Know What You Eat For How To Get Fat

Gaining weight does not necessarily mean that an individual has to take foods that are high fats, rather they should seek the help of a nutritionist in creating a nutritional diet, and stick to high-calorie foods. For instance, milk, nuts, and beans among others are good sources of calories and should be incorporated in meals to give the desired results faster.

Avoid the notion that fats all fats are healthy and that they can help in gaining weight faster. Some harmful fats will only lead to excess weight gain which in turn results in diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

3. How To Gain Weight In One Week: Exercise For Healthy Fat

As strange as it may sound, exercising helps one in building additional body muscles and overall well being of an individual. In addition to that, not all exercises illustrated in the gym will give the desired results, rather, specific exercises such as squats, twist curls, and deadlifts help in gaining weight in less than or in one week.

4. How To Get Fat: Increase In Food Intake

Avoid starving yourself and eat more than you previously used to. This is because additional eating helps the body in staying strong and rejuvenated throughout the entire day. For instance, if you are used to taking two meals in a day, double the portions and see quick results when you least expect.

An instant addition of food quantities might be complex for some people for the first few times, but they will get used to it with time and love who they will become.

5. How To Become Fat: Know The Calories That You Need

To become fat in one week is a vital question and gaining weight requires one to calculate their total calories to know how many calories he needs to add to his meals to achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, each person is different, and so are calorie requirements. This is the main reason s to why people do not have the same weight gain methods.

A particular type of exercise might be good for one person and bad for the other. After one has calculated and known the number of calories required to consume in a day, they should add 500 more calories to their meals.

6. Take Healthy Beverages

If you are researching how to become fat in one week, then taking nutritious beverages such as sweetened tea provides the body with adequate nutrients needed for daily operation. Analyze when choosing these types of beverages because most of them are not healthy and can cause harm to one’s health. This also helps you get a fuller face.

Therefore, one should take beverages that are high in calories, such as cola, sweetened tea, and drinks of different flavors. Homemade juices are most preferred because they contain natural sugars and healthy fats.

7. Sleep Well Boosting Fat Gain

Sleep relaxes the mind and helps in increasing the weight of a person. And good sleep is one of the best answers on how to become fat in one week. So taking a lunch hour nap is essential for everyone as it helps in quick weight gain, gain fat, and good sleep at night.

Research has shown that sleeping is one of the best ways of gaining weight without hitting the gym becausgaining weighte when the body rests, nothing much is happening in the body compared to when people are busy running errands and making the best out of their lives.

8. How To Become Fat: Change Sugary Drinks With Dairy Products

How to become fat in one week is not rocket science, but it needs to follow proper guidelines—taking dairy products such as yogurt and milk after every meal is essential for gaining weight within a week.

Dairy products contain proteins, vitamins, and additional calories, essential for the body’s overall functioning. So always make it a habit of calories dairy products in your meals and see positive results.

9. How To Get Fat: Weight Lifting To Stay Fit

As you are looking for the answer on how to become fat in one week, underweight men commonly seek questions. This is because constant weight lifting helps in adding more muscles to men’s bodies. This is why there is a massive difference in the exercises that both men and women do. 

Women participate in activities in the gym that are meant for toning the body, while men primarily practice and work out to add more muscles and look bigger than they are.

10. Take More Fluids As Compared To Solid Foods

Fluids digest faster as compared to solid foods. This is because solid foods have to be broken down into smaller parts before digestion finally occurs, and this is not the same case with fluids. You can use Homemade or blended fruits in making weight-gaining milkshakes by mixing peanut butter with bananas and milk in the blender. The process of knowing how to become fat in one week is complicated? It’s easy if you follow routines.

Drinking homemade juices is not bad for weight gain as compared to drinking water. Water makes one complete and loses appetite because the stomach cannot contain the required quantity. Gaining weight in one week is possible as all that is needed is to know the calories necessary and add the essential calories. I hope now you have a more precise concept of how to become fat in one week.

FAQs For How To Get Fat

How To Become Fat In One Week?

Overweight people look for ways to lose weight, But underweight people search for how to become fat in one week. Here we discuss the ideas of how to become fat in one week.

How Can I Get Fat In A Week At Home?

There are many different ways to become Fat at home. Some are considered healthy, and some are unhealthy. The healthy ways to get fat in one week are that you should not skip meals. Instead, it would help if you often ate to increase your weight in a week.

You should eat foods that are rich in calories. Be careful while choosing food if you want to get fat in just one week. Nuts, milk, beans, etc., are rich in calories, so you should take them regularly to increase your weight faster.

How To Become Fat From Thin?

If you are thin and looking for how to become fat in one week, first, do not rely on fast food. Some fats are harmful, which leads to too high weight gain, which leads to diabetes. So you take food which is not only rich in calories but also hygienic.

To increase weight during one weight, you should increase your intake of food. You should sleep well, which will help you to increase your weight healthily. Take the juices rich in sugars to increase your weight.

How To Become Fat From Thin For Girls?

If you are a slim and skinny girl and want to gain weight healthily, here are some tips. First, you should take three meals a day. Take the foods which are rich in carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc. Do not skip your meal. Skinny girls have to be cautious about how to become fat in one week.

You should at least take 600 to 1050 extra calories than you are burning to gain weight fastly. To increase your weight, you should take shakes daily. Girls should not compromise on their sleep. Take milk three times a day. In addition, girls should regularly take eggs, potatoes, beans, yogurt, dry fruits, nuts, etc. Getting fat will help you in many ways.

How To Get Fatter Belly?

If you are slim and skinny and want to know how to become fat in one week, you are at the right place. One can quickly gain fat in one’s belly. To get a fatter belly, you should take sugary food and beverages. If you want to get a fatter belly, then you should avoid exercise for some period.

You can also use alcohol, especially red wine, to get a fatter belly. In addition, take fruit juices regularly to gain Fat in your belly. Sometimes low protein diet and a low fiber diet also help to get a fatter belly. Inadequate sleep also leads to the accumulation of fats in the stomach.

How Can I Gain Fat In My Arms, Legs, And Hips?

To gain Fat in just your arms, legs, and hips, you should first take foods that are rich in calories. Do not skip meals instead, and you should take more than three meals a day.

It is strange, but exercise helps you to gain weight. When it comes to gain Fat just in the arms, legs, and hips, exercise will prove to be very helpful. But it would be best if you chose the exercise that will target the legs, hips, and arms to get Fat. You should select exercises such as squats, barbell jammers, twists, deadlifts, dumbbells, etc.

Is There Something Wrong If I Eat Healthily But Never Grow Fat?

We sometimes meet with the people who eat more than enough food but never gain weight. Their body weight remains the same whatever they eat. Is there a problem if they are eating enough healthy food but never grow Fat. It is often said that the people who eat healthily but never grow fat are much better than the more overweight people.

These people have a fast metabolic rate. As a result, they can burn more calories than other people. As a result, these people are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. So In most cases, there is no problem with this.

How Can I Gain Soft Fat Instead Of Hard Fat Fast?

Hard Fat can be more harmful to your body than soft fat. However, too much hard fats lead to serious health problems. If hard fats accumulate in your body, then you should consider them seriously and consult your doctor.

It would help if you had to know to get soft fats quickly instead of hard fats. You should use white bread instead of brown and whole grain bread. Consume brown rice for delicate fats or to get rid of hard fats. Avoid eating fizzy drinks; instead, you should take fruits and vegetables.

How Do I Increase My Body Fat If I Have A Thyroid Problem?

If you have a thyroid problem and have a problem with body fat, then be careful. In thyroid problems, you have to know how to become Fat in one week. So you should be cautious if you are suffering from a thyroid problem. You should eat foods that can provide you with nutrients healthy for your body.

You should eat eggs, meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits to increase your body fats. However, you should not take millets, extra supplements, highly processed foods, and beverages if you have a thyroid problem.

How To Gain Weight In A Week?

The best way to gain weight in a week is to follow a diet and exercise plan and follow it properly. However, gaining weight in a week is possible. For a person of average weight, it takes around 2500 calories daily, and do at least 2 hours of exercise weekly to help you healthily become fat.

Focusing on healthy protein and fat should help you achieve your goals pretty quickly. Mix in some vegetables and fruits for much-needed nutrients. Exercise is also essential; divide your time between weight lifting and cardio.

Focusing on healthy protein and fat should help you achieve your goals pretty quickly. Mix in some vegetables and fruits for much-needed nutrients. Exercise is also essential; divide your time between weight lifting and cardio.

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Bottom Line

One of the most desired questions for people underweight is how to become fat in one week or how to get fat or gain weight. It is tough if you do not follow guidelines strictly. But, it is easy to achieve good fat if you follow.

Best wishes for getting fat journey.